Youth and environment

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Youth and environment

Ezeilo is an expert in the development, placement and retention of racially-diverse young people in the environmental sector. It also encouraged students to analyze the barriers that inhibit many underrepresented individuals, especially people of color, from exploring the options in the conservation arena.

Topics covered during the session included race relations and the intersection with the environment; defying the odds of many underrepresented individuals; navigating careers in the environmental sector; and carving your own path of success that incorporates environmental literacy and involvement.

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Over years of immersion in this sector, Ezeilo came to see the huge gap between the land being preserved and the paucity of efforts to engage citizens with those lands. She was particularly struck by the fact that young people were missing from the equation.

This became her impetus for creating Greening Youth Foundation, providing environmental access to underserved children and young adults through its Public School Initiative and Youth Conservation Corps programs.

Greening Youth provides services throughout the country and in West Africa.

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Ezeilo is widely recognized in the conservation and civil rights sectors and is part of the growing movement to connect racially diverse America with our publicly owned lands and the environment.

Ezeilo and her husband live in Atlanta with their two sons Miles and Cole and their dog, Nina.Children, Youth and Environments Description: Children, Youth and Environments (CYE) is an international, multidisciplinary online journal that disseminates knowledge with the goal of stimulating discussion and action in support of inclusive, sustainable, and healthy environments for children and youth everywhere.

Youth and environment

offering opportunities for youth and young adults to learn, grow, and experience success. Safe Environment Coordinators | FAQs. Churches, schools, and youth organizations must ensure that children and youth who worship, study, or participate in activities sponsored by a parish can do so in the safest and most secure setting possible.

A discussion of the impact of youth bulges in the population profile for many developing countries especially in Africa.

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Last summer Camp Joy served over low income or youth from economically disadvantaged background and youth with medical conditions. Minister Bomo Edna Molewa tables Environmental Affairs /14 Budget Vote. The Youth Environmental Services (YES) Programme will benefit young people over the next three years.

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