The impact of games

South Koreans take on gaming Han's research lab treats people who are addicted to games using techniques similar to those used to treat alcoholics, including counseling and virtual-reality therapy Check out this CNN video to see inside his research and treatment space. As part of CNN's feature on "Gaming Reality ," Han gave us his list of the top five warning signs that a person should seek professional help for Internet or gaming addiction. Take a look at the tips and let us know what you think of them, and of the science of gaming addiction, in the comments.

The impact of games

Successful video games cost less to produce than the average Hollywood blockbuster yet gross far more in sales. Players in these first-person-perspective adventures assume the role of a character, load up on weapons or powers and fast vehicles, and embark on a journey in which they typically achieve their goals by amassing a significant body count alas, video game designers are not big on diplomacy.

A variety of previous studies have demonstrated that violent video games can increase aggressive behaviorbut now a new generation of researchers is investigating whether the choices people make while playing video games can impact pro-social behavior as well.

Specifically, whether acting immorally within the context of the video game can induce feelings of guilt and whether such feelings then transfer to the real world.

The latest Tweets from 1st Impact Games (@1stimpactgames): "Another bug fix is now live, which should tackle popular issues like a crash after a game has ended. This also containts a feature. Video Games Impact Your Feelings in Real Life What happens in the game doesn't stay in the game. Posted Sep 21, Your Impact games will be truly indistinguishable from those written in native Objective-C. Check Biolab Disaster and Drop in the AppStore and see for yourself.

A different study demonstrated a similar response—that immoral actions committed by players within the game elicited feelings of guilt—but then went a step further. The study also found that players who acted immorally and felt guilty as a result, became more sensitive to similar moral issues in real life.

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For example, when players took actions and made choices that were unfair or uncompassionate in the game, it triggered feelings of guilt that led them to be more sensitive to issues of fairness and compassion in real life.

As video games become ever more ubiquitous and sophisticated, our analysis of their impact needs to advance as well, and become more nuanced. Further, the ability of video games to evoke strong emotional responses offers a glimpse into a future of potential psychological interventions that could use role-playing gaming environments to create a new category of interventions and treatment programs for tackling hard-to-treat issues such as anger managementimpulse controlenhancing empathyand others, which would be an exciting possibility indeed.Your Impact games will be truly indistinguishable from those written in native Objective-C.

Check Biolab Disaster and Drop in the AppStore and see for yourself.

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The impact of games

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