The idea of isolation in the poem not waving but drowning by stevie smith

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The idea of isolation in the poem not waving but drowning by stevie smith

The idea of isolation in the poem not waving but drowning by stevie smith

It feels a bit trite at some points because of that. This is not my finest piece. I wrote this quickly and am now catching typos and errors in my word selections.

The poem I selected to respond to is below, followed by my full essay. I was much further out than you thought And not waving but drowning. Oh, no no no, it was too cold always Still the dead one lay moaning I was much too far out all my life And not waving but drowning.

Reading Response to Poetry Poetry is meant to evoke strong reactions and emotions out of its readers. The language that Stevie Smith uses in her poem is casual and easy to read. The conversational elements in this play are brought out by the use of three different personas: They seem to respond to each other by interjecting their thoughts or comments back and forth, both creating an ease in the sentence structure as well as bringing new perspectives, and consequently, further insight, to the reader.

This ease in words makes the tone neither too serious nor too casual; rather, the tone is neutral. The exception to this neutrality is the voice of the dead man who adds an element of sadness.

While the words poor chap express an element of sympathy, there is a serious lack of heartfelt emotion over his death. The lack of emotion adds to the tone of neutrality while also reinforcing the assumption that they are mere acquaintances and not true friends.

Since the tone does not reflect great depth of emotion and significance, the content of her poem becomes ever more important in understanding the underlined issues in the life, and death, of the man.

The distance that is mentioned and the reference to drowning tells the reader that the man is out on a frozen lake that he has fallen into. One can surmise that the lake is frozen as his acquaintances are next quoted saying that his heart must have stopped due to the cold Clugston, From a distance away a drowning man in the water could easily be misinterpreted as a man waving on top of the ice.

It is the distance between his acquaintances that begin to allude to the isolation that the man must have felt in his life. There is a feeling of yearning to be acknowledged that the man has in his unheard words.

Such deafness is metaphorical of the lack of communication and acknowledgement the dead man had in his relationships with others while his physical distance from them is symbolic of the emotional distance from them he must have felt in life Civello, The symbolism of drowning, implying the presence of water that is understood as a symbolism for emotion, conveys the overwhelming emotional turmoil that his isolation causes him.And not waving but drowning.

Thelittlezee - I love the idea of someone drowning, not waving, as a metaphor for what’s happening to a person in life. While I think the premise could have been used stronger and more efficiently (and would love your permission to write something using it) I do love the idea. More by Stevie Smith.

. Jul 10,  · Stevie Smith had deep psychological issues: the poem as a whole is about her struggling throughout her life and people not recognising this and not offering help.

In this poem, the idea of drowning while people think you are fine is Status: Resolved. Lesson on 'Not waving but drowning' by Stevie Smith Now give students copies of the poem 'Not Waving But Drowning', stanza by stanza.

What title would you suggest for this poem? It might be a good idea to have a brief plenary to discuss responses and also to hear suggestions for the poem's title. This might be a good way to consider the. Jan 21,  · The poem Not Waving But Drowning by Stevie Smith does just that.

In only twelve lines this short poem discusses the circumstances of a man’s death while the author’s use of literary elements alludes to much deeper issues concerning how he lived as well as how he died. Isolation The dead man's really on his own out there in "Not Waving but Drowning." Because he's out of reach, physically or metaphorically, there's no one to throw him a line when things get tough.

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