Random acts of kindness

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Random acts of kindness

Random acts of kindness are the perfect reminder of how good it feels to think of others and do something special for them.

Random acts of kindness

I created cards that are easy to print, cut out, and give away free download below. My first stop was the Subway drive-thru. Just thinking about how the next person in line was going to feel gave me a rush of excitement. I then taped the gift card to the plastic seat in a shopping cart.

I was able to slip the cart back in with the others without anyone noticing. It was fun leaving the store wondering who might find my special cart. Another idea I had for an act of kindness was getting to work a few minutes early and secretly delivering coffee to a co-worker.

As we get closer to Christmas I know that mail carriers and delivery drivers are going to be so busy.

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So I thought a perfect act of kindness was sneaking a treat into our mailbox. These are just a few of the ideas I decided to try. I compiled a list of a few others to help get you going. Random Act of Kindness Ideas: Give someone a compliment Leave a gift card for the next car in a drive-thru Bring treats to work Leave a treat for the mailman Smile at a stranger Leave a gift card on a shopping cart Donate old toys Offer to babysit for a friend who needs a break Write a handwritten letter and mail it Mail a thank you card Donate unused household items.The Random Acts of Kindness Project has everything you need to help students learn about empathy and kindness.

15 pennants each show a different random act of kindness students can do and is perfect for a bulletin board display. There are infinite opportunities for kindness Carry out a random act of kindness.

Unexpected kindness creates a powerful moment of shared humanity. Digital acts of kindness. Cultivate a kinder world online.

Tag someone to tell them "I'm here for you" 70participants.

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Join In. One act of kindness may not change the world, but it can change someone's world. Make the world a better place with these 51 random acts of kindness ideas. Sponsored Acts. We fund proposals for acts of kindness.

If you have an awesome idea for an act of kindness, but need some assistance with funding, we can help you out! Inside: Learn 60+ printable random acts of kindness ideas for kids. Plus, a 3-part guide for getting your kids on board with kindness.

I parked the car, got out and opened the trunk to a sea of grocery bags filled with food and toiletries. Random acts of kindness don’t just transform the life of the recipient, they help the person performing the acts too! Inspiring your children to be kind is a great parenting tool and this post helps you learn how and when to use it.

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