Malayalam speech on corruption

Miniature by Taddeo Crivelli in a manuscript of c.

Malayalam speech on corruption

Even though he was referring to notes, Modi got the dates, events and people pertaining to and wars wrong. The obvious reason seems to be the professional British-style military inherited by Nehru which had kept politics out of the organisation and had clearly enunciated lines of civil-military authority.

The colonial army was indeed strict about professional norms, where officers never got involved in politics. But the same colonial traditions and similar institutional inheritances did not stop the Pakistan Army from capturing power in through a coup.

The situation was no different in other former British colonies such as Nigeria and Sierra Lone. A very professional military, in fact, can increase the chances of intervention in a weak democracy as the generals can have grave concerns about rising levels of corruption, political conflict, social discontent and poor governance.

In his last year as army chief, Cariappa had begun airing his views on policy matters, such as economic development. It was Nehru who advised him to avoid straying into these areas.

A year earlier, Cariappa had argued for the replacement of universal adult franchise with a suffrage that was limited only to literates.

Malayalam speech on corruption

He was not alone. Social Scientist Steve Wilkinson has posited that the Congress was a strong, internally democratic party supported by an ethnic and social coalition that included all the major religious groups in India.

This allowed it, unlike the Muslim League in Pakistan, to make choices that managed divisive religious, ethnic and caste conflicts which could have exacerbated the instability, potentially drawing the military into governance.

Moreover, Nehru, Sardar Patel and other senior Congress leaders had the knowledge of potential domestic civil-military issues and the determination to act decisively to prevent them.

Many of their actions, starting from the interim government of Septemberwere well before the events in Pakistan in the s sent a clear warning. One of its foundational tenets has been to avoid making the armed forces a political issue during polls.

But these divergences are nothing compared to the blatant references to army and military history to seek votes during election campaigns.Facebook was joined by representatives from other major social media platforms, such as Twitter and Google, for the first time in an open discussion about fake .

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