Kamala das writing a business

April 02, To Kamala Das writing meant a celebration of the self.

Kamala das writing a business

For her, God is in the heart of every human. Until now the heart or in a broader sense, her life was solitary, gloomed and ruined jungle which has now been excited is back into life by the sweet music of koel i. The music described here signifies the flute enchanted by Krishna.

Indian Writing in English and Kamala Das by Rajdeep Pathak

According to the faith of the poet, when a person listens to the music enchanted by Krishna, he sinks into the profound depth of the carol.

A time comes when he realises God and surrenders himself completely to Him. But now as the time has changed, people have become more realistic and materialistic and give less consideration to God, religion and devoutness. Kamala Das considers herself to be a spiritualistic person and apart from the materialistic and man-centred society.

She has given up all the mortal and temporary worldly attractions and has devoted herself to the worship of Krishna. For her, Krishna is the ultimate destiny, beyond which there seems to be nothing. She imagines that her soul i.

Atma is melting down and even her body has lost and merged with the God i. The word wise here means the folly ideology of the society. The wise words of the people are therefore on contrary to the divine. She imagines that it is the God who has led her along a route probably her poetic career that she was unaware of before.

She has not attained this carrier by herself but it is God residing in her heart who has made her follow this path. For her, it is an apt path and it is justified to fight against the norms of the male-centered society and the orthodox beliefs.

At such a stage, she feels that Krishna should have been with her to guide her, inspire her and help her to fight against them, but instead, she feels alone and solitary and shows her tiff with God.

Complains to God Kamala Das has suffered a lot because of womanhood, her aged husband, her family and society. Thus being frustrated and tired of these things, she complains to the God against the injustice of the society and also about her condition and indirectly she exposes the vices of the society over the woman and womanhood.

In the poem The Seven Ages of Woman, she explains the journey of a woman from the time of her birth to her death. At every stage, the woman had to face some kind of difficulty. And society is directly responsible for such miseries suffered by her.

In our society, the girl is often considered to be an unwanted child and is mostly unwelcomed when she comes out of the womb of her mother to the world. Now with the advancement of technology, the girl is murdered even before coming to the world.

Thus from the beginning of her life, she is supposed to suffer. The poet laments it. She is thus trapped in the matrimonial alliance. Her own desire or will has no value for her parents or the guardians. They just want to make go quit their home.

A woman hopes to live in freedom and joy and satisfy her desires and is not willing to marry, yet she is forced to leave her home and go to someone else home.

Here a bundle of new miseries take birth for her.

kamala das writing a business

She is forced to perform sex which is a pleasurable thing in the eyes of society, but for her, it is something that hurts her womanhood. Kamala Das depicts that these rules are prescribed by the society and are mistakenly considered to be framed by the divine.

She fairly tells about her first night with her husband. Being innocent, she was of the view that her first night was going to be pleasurable for her as her husband would give her the love that she often longed for. But, what happened was on contrary to her views. Her husband was an aged man, and instead of showing any love to her, he satisfied his lust and left her spirit untouched, thus hurting her dignity.

He did not beat me But my sad woman-body felt so beaten, The weight of my breasts and womb crushed me. Her husband failed to please her. He could not go through her feelings and emotions and kept his business up to her naked body only. This story that Kamala Das explains to God and indirectly to the society is the sorrowful story of every woman of our society who because of the customs and traditions cannot speak out before her husband as well as her family and society.

Hence Kamala Das has given voice to this prolonged silence of the suffering women. Ghanashyam She narrates that whenever her lover desired her, it was only because of lust for her naked body. He wanted to use her body.Kamala Das, who has died aged 75, was a renowned Indian poet, novelist, short-story writer, essayist and memoirist.

She was also known as Madhavikutty, the pseudonym she used when writing in the. Kamala Das has suffered a lot because of womanhood, her aged husband, her family and society.

Thus being frustrated and tired of these things, she complains to the God against the injustice of the society and also about her condition and indirectly she exposes the .

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kamala das writing a business

Jun 14,  · When Kamala Das began writing five decades ago, her choice of subject matter was a bold one for a woman in midcentury India. A poet, short-story writer and memoirist, Ms.

Kamala Das Biography: Books, Awards and Facts

Das was known for her. Kamala Das Biography. Kamlaa Das, one of the outstanding poets of India, writing in English and Malayalam, was born on March 31, in Malabar in Kerala. An Overview of Kamla Das’s autobiography and her poems Aasthaba Jadeja Indian women poets writing in English from Toru Dutt to Kamala Das reveal the mind boggling variety of themes as well as style that poetry is capable of offering.

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