John laskin legal writing and research

His other brother, Charles, was a shirt designer and manufacturer. Laskin married Peggy Tenenbaum. Johnwho followed in his father's footsteps and became a judge at the Ontario Court of Appealand Barbara.

John laskin legal writing and research

My example relates to evidence law, but the technique will work with any legal topic. So, if you are a civil litigator, you may wonder from time to time how a criminal law authority on evidence has been applied in civil matters. Take, for example, R. Cloutier CarswellQue 15, a case that rules that there must be a probative relationship between a fact introduced as evidence and the facts at issue in the matter.

Start by pulling up that case in WestlawNext. Is there an easy way to filter out the criminal case, and view the civil ones?

Started in 2013 in Ontario

Look at the left-hand panel of the results screen. First, make sure you are only viewing Cases and Decisions, not all document types.

Most of the filters are exclusive to case law. Any of these can be used to limit the results to parameters of your choosing. Most of the time it is best to choose a single filter and see what the results are before adding another.

A box appears listing possible Abridgment Topics in alphabetical order. With only Civil Practice and Procedure selected, we go from hits to 15, a very manageable number — and likely to give us a good look at how that evidence rule has been applied in civil courts across Canada.

So play around, but always being aware what each filter does to your results before adding more.The Canadian Legal Research and Writing Guide Formerly the Best Guide to Canadian Legal Research CanLIIDocs Edited by Melanie Bueckert, André Clair, Maryvon Côté, Yasmin Khan, and Mandy Ostick, based on work by Catherine Best, The Canadian Legal Research and Writing Guide is based on The Best Guide to Canadian Legal Research, An online legal research guide written and Experienced Assistant Dean with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry.

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Skilled in Archival and Legal Research, Appellate Practice, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Public Speaking, and Legal  · Legal Writing for Real Lawyers - Page 38 - Google Books Result But interpreting a legal text is not like diagramming a sentence or correcting an English paper.

John R. Trimble, Ph.D., published a little book titled Writing with Style – Conversations on the Art of Writing [PDF]Legal Research and Writing A Practical Guide to Legal Writing Writing strategically is as important as oral advocacy.

It is part of the foundation of solving and winning legal disputes.

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All lawyers, new and seasoned, should sharpen this skill since it is used daily, whether it be with letters to opposing counsel, research memorandums or Writing legal argument is almost easy.

etc. judges tend to focus more on the issues – what are the legal issues. judges are issue-driven”. Q. Justice Laskin: “Judges strive to do justice between the litigants.

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ideally. the facts are the context within which the legal issues are decided and that factual context is therefore highly John I. Laskin, J.A., Forget the windup and make the pitch: Some suggestions for writing more persuasive factums 18 January Judge Laskin belongs to the Court of Appeal for

john laskin legal writing and research
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