Igbc effects on real estate industry

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Igbc effects on real estate industry

Igbc effects on real estate industry

SGBW will play host to international green building experts, policy-makers, academics and built environment practitioners, for a congregation of ideas, collaboration and learning, to achieve a shared vision of a greener planet through the green building movement.

Held in Marina Bay Sands, the premier green building event in Asia Pacific, IGBC is expected to attract more than 1, participants from over 30 countries - from thought leaders, real estate developers to urban planners, architects, engineers, builders and other industry professionals - committed to understanding and putting into action real-world, tangible and leading green building solutions.

Also present at the conference will be policy-makers and key government officials from several growth markets, who will give their unique public sector Igbc effects on real estate industry on green building solutions, policies and plans.

Academia will also share their latest research findings in green building fields. A dedicated trade event that has a strategic focus on the Build Green environment, it features eco-friendly, energy efficient building materials, designs and architecture — reaching out to Green building suppliers, industry practitioners and professionals.

For IGBCwe will be partnering with SGBC and international Green Building Councils in the formulation of the programme and the selection of presentations, to facilitate a broader and richer platform for discourse and dialogue.

The presentations at IGBC would be: Therefore, we are offering flexibility in presentation styles to better engage and communicate ideas.

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You can indicate your presentation style preference when submitting your proposal. The duration of each presentation should not be longer than 20 minutes. Presentations consisting of 20 slides which are shown for 20 seconds each - Master Classes: A lecture for those who are interested in understanding a certain topic at a profound level - Round-table Discussion: However, submissions outside of the identified topics will be fairly reviewed as long as it is in line with the theme and objectives of IGBC Better Places for People and Communities: Health, Biophilia and Well-being There is growing momentum for green and healthy buildings, communities and cities.

At the macro level cities are working to reduce the health impacts that urban areas are having on citizens through urban design interventions, policies and urban greening programmes. At the building level, research has demonstrated the commercial and social importance of the health and wellbeing of building users through metrics that show higher worker productivity and satisfaction.

These findings have driven tenant demands for green buildings and offices.

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This track calls for submissions that investigate strategies focusing on the health and wellbeing of buildings, communities and cities and could include: Smart low carbon construction: How the synergies between productivity, sustainability and integrated digital delivery IDD would facilitate the formation of a smart built environment.

Examples of topics could include but not limited to: Green Investment and Innovative Financial Instruments Various green funding models had been introduced to help building owners boost the returns on their investment in Energy efficiency EE retrofits and renewable energy RE adoption.

Igbc effects on real estate industry

This track invites submission on valuation systems, financing solutions as well as cost and benefit analysis of retrofitting existing properties which includes but not limited to the following: We can see its devastating effects globally and there will be an increase in extreme and unusual weather patterns.

The Paris Agreement sought for international co-operation and action to start the concerted effort to reduce the impacts of devastating climate change.

The built environment has a huge role to play in reducing our environmental impact as well as being designed to be resilient to the changing climate. A push for zero energy and zero carbon developments is seen as a necessity and an achievable target for the majority of developments in the near future.

State-of-the-Art Projects This track invites submissions of all types of state-of-the-art building projects. Papers could include best practices and strategies to design, construct, operate, maintain and quantify high-performance buildings.

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Examples of topics include but not limited to: Only accepted abstracts will be invited to submit a presentation and present at IGBC The deadline for abstract submission is 16 March The abstract is required to be submitted via the online submission system at https: However, presenters will be responsible for their travel and accommodation expenses during the conference.After going through its toughest phase ever due to the after-effects of game changing and historic policy changes, Indian real estate is now on the upswing.

The sector has become more transparent and organized – which means consumers are much better-off now. Embassy’s portfolio of real estate developments spans the commercial, residential, retail and hospitality segments of the real estate industry.

While the commercial real estate business includes the development of business parks for the IT/ITeS sector, SEZs and corporate office space, Embassy’s ongoing residential projects include luxury.

Industry In India the real estate sector comes second in terms of employment generation, the first being agriculture industry and it contributes almost 5% of the country’s GDP. Majority of the real estate developed in India (almost 80%) Igbc Effects on Real Estate Industry Essay.

Held in Marina Bay Sands, the premier green building event in Asia Pacific, IGBC is expected to attract more than 1, participants from over 30 countries - from thought leaders, real estate developers to urban planners, architects, engineers, builders and other industry professionals - committed to understanding and putting into action.

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The Global Economy and the U.S. Real Estate Market. By Daniel Wagner. The collapse of the price of oil, turmoil in the global economy, and ongoing upheaval in the Middle East are sending mixed. Main Conference; Add Session Edit All Sessions. Day 1 - 5 Sep How we can apply disruptive principles to our businesses to develop new business models that disrupt the real estate industry; Jerome Baco.

Chief Operating Officer The plenary summarises the narrative from day one of the IGBC as Ar. Tai Lee Siang will unpack the global.

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