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War The person in the cartoon is, Woodrow Wilson president of America. The name of the bubble is, League of Nations. The bubble shows that Woodrow Wilson was an idealistic person, but like most bubble, it will probably burst.

Cartoon interp

Have students practice frequently with the template using sample cartoons found in their textbooks, newspapers, and news magazines. The lesson plan and sample student response sheet were developed to match: Government Core Learning Goal Indicator 1.

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Skills for Success Indicator 2. Below is the political cartoon that students will use in this lesson. Make an overhead transparency or individual student copies. Explanation A political cartoon is a type of drawing used to present opinions, comments, or criticisms of a situation, person, or event.

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Cartoons help us understand information by presenting it in a visual and memorable way. Cartoonists use many different techniques to achieve their goals: Caricature - exaggerating one or more physical features - a large mouth to show someone who often speaks out on an issue.

Symbols - using a recognizable item to communicate an idea - an elephant to represent the Republican Party. Caption - having the characters speak or summarizing the message in a few words above or below the cartoon.

List the objects or people that you see in the cartoon. What do you think each one means? Are there any important clues words, places, numbers in the cartoon? Describe what is happening in the four quadrants of the cartoon.

Political Cartoon Interpretation ~ Government Critical Thinking Strategies

What is the political or social issue presented in the cartoon? How do you know? Describe how you were able to interpret this cartoon. Students will be able to: Interpret a political cartoon relating to gun control in the U. Identify how special interest groups influence government policy.

Use the following questions to stimulate a discussion: How many students think that guns are a serious problem today? Should there be more gun regulations? Distribute the Political Cartoon Interpretation Skill Sheet and allow students time to complete the questions.

Have students share their responses to the questions.The use of cartoons alongside articles has become more and more popular for School Accessed Courseworks (SACs) and end of year English exam.

Cartoon interp

At first glance and even the second glance, cartoons may not always appear to contain great amounts of information for students to analyse.

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Cartoon interp

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