A new pitch for an old

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A new pitch for an old

Congrats you old pitch conference! Then murder comes to town! Congrats Susan, good luck to your new series, and thank you for helping so many other writers at the NYC Pitch find publication! I was able to cross reference that with information on Publishers Marketplace and sent a query to an agent that worked with Tessa Woodward at Harper Collins.

I sent her the first 50 pages and she was really excited about my work. She read the rest of it the next day and immediately sent me a contract. Martins by literary agent Paula Munier, his workshop leader from the conference. Algonkian faculty provided Johns with the analysis and knowledge necessary to edit his work for commercial publication, and later, found him a publisher.

A new pitch for an old

When I started writing the first book, I went to a literary conference, and was pitching editors the story, and they all wanted to know if this was a series, and of course, I said yes, and made up two more books on the spot I ended up getting a two-book deal, so then the project was to finish the revisions on the first book, and launch into the second.

It was an intense writing experience Assignments focus on foundational aspects of writing and planning a competitive commercial novel Tessa Woodward at Harper Collins quickly made an offer for it, and Paula Munier, who had read my first page at the conference, represented me to negotiate a contract.

By the end of the day, I had changed the title, made editorial changes to the story, and later, when time came to query, I employed the strategy recommended at the conference: Within one hour I received an email requesting a full manuscript from an agent at Trident Media.

Publication set for The beauty of this conference was that they had editors from major houses coming to listen to our pitches and to give us feedback, and even to ask for our manuscripts if they were interested.

And I was one of the lucky ones. Two editors asked to see a partial. Publication set for early ! Thanks for putting it on and for encouraging scared newcomers like me. In a word, it was lame. Meantime, Michael Neff helped to set me up with my agent, who is a lovely person at Trident Media.

So I can honestly say that going to that conference changed my life. Everything turned out so much better than I had dreamed. I did sell my novel--not right at that moment, because there is a process.

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The first book should be coming out in June next year. Did you get my news about being signed by Simon and Schuster? I followed the advice and, voila, I sold the rewritten novel!

Thank you, thank you for the miracle! But if you do attend the New York Pitch Conference, be prepared for the fallout. I walked away with such a successful pitch, but realized I had to rewrite my book to make sure I delivered what I sold the editors. Wanna write a successful query to an agent?

Put that in your first paragraph! They were among the best experiences in my writing life. I met some of the most powerful people in the publishing industry, both major publishers and agents I was offered a publishing contract by Harper Collins UK soon after my last visit to an Algonkian conference.

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Apr 19,  · The offer that arrived in Emily Wharton’s mailbox looked and sounded more like an Academy Award than a sales pitch.

A new pitch for an old

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